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Welcome to Willow in Wonderland.

Willow in Wanderland is a travel blog geared towards inspiring independent backpackers. Launching in early 2017, Willow in Wanderland was created to share with you the incredible destinations and provide you with informative and inspirational travel content while retaining the humour of my dysfunctional travels. I give you my full permission to laugh at me while reading about my mistakes along the road.

But before we get too carried away, I thought we could play the age old ‘get to know you’ game.

I’m Jaime Wilson, but you can call me Willow. I’m 24 and from the best city in the world, Melbourne, Australia. OK maybe I’m a bit biased, but Melbourne is pretty great.

I love backpacking and challenging myself to travelling really cheap. I am also a hypocrite cause I struggle to do this for a long period of time (there is something about showering regularly that I just really rate). I am getting better, but every now and again I splash out and treat myself to some quality water pressure. So you’ll find some more luxurious options thrown in here too. Whatever your travel style, I’m right there with you.

Unfortunately my love for travel didn’t come with the skill for it. I have gotten sick, checked myself out of my hostel in the Philippines before I was actually meant to leave, left an iPad at a hotel, paid a tuk tuk driver $20 in Laos to drive me 50m down the road and countless other escapades. But have no fear – I have done all this and nearly driven my parents to an early grave going through all this so that you can learn from my mistakes! You’re welcome.

I am not lucky enough to be in a position so far to be able to quit my job and travel for endless amounts of time, but I’m working on it. So instead, I work the 9-5 grind and travel both Australia and the globe at every opportunity I get. I’ve traveled around Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.

My bucket list countries include India, Spain, Iceland, ski mountains of Canada, and Peru and pretty much every other country in the world.

In true Melbournian style, I love good (great) coffee, smashed avo with a poachie for brunch, my footy team, camping and weekend road trips. These are the the things I miss the most when I travel and my go to’s as soon as I get home. In the last two years I have started snowboarding and have grown to love minus degree temperatures (yes, Australia does have snow!).

This year you can follow my adventures while I island hop and trek the Philippines, Snowboard my birthday weekend at Mount Buller, Victoria, road trip the Great Ocean Road, party in Malaysia and welcome in the New year with a month in Japan!

I’m lucky to share most of my travels with my boyfriend Tom, who is chief photographer, bus ride banter provider and currency converter to make sure I don’t pay the lovely Vietnamese lady $60 for my bánh mì again (true story).

I’d love to get to know you too. Tell me about yourself in the comments below 🙂

Willow. xx


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  1. I can definitely relate. I love to get down and dirty and challenge myself when travelling, but when a girl needs her shower, a girl needs her shower. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

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