Foolproof Guide to Visiting the Angkor Wat for Sunrise

I have had so many people tell me they missed the Angkor Wat sunrise, one of the most spectacular experiences of my life.  I don’t want this to happen to you guys. It is truly incredible. So I have prepared a quick foolproof guide to getting yourself there for one hell of a sunrise.

The Day Before the Sunrise

1. Ok this is probably the most important step so please listen up! YOU NEED TO BUY YOUR TEMPLE PASS THE DAY BEFORE! Promise me that if you do one thing, you make sure you buy your temple pass the day before you want to see the sunrise. You can buy your ticket in the evening after 5pm for the next day. Get a tuk-tuk driver to take you to the office – they will know where and snap it up. Head up that they do take your photo and attach it to your pass. Also, you can only buy your tickets with cash. Click here for more ticketing information.

Tip: On the same evening, you can also watch the sunset at Angkor Park for free.

Many people make the mistake of heading to the ticket office in the wee hours of the morning before the sunrise. Bad luck for them as the office opens at 5am, just before sunrise, and is packed with hundreds of people. It is also a good 15 minutes tuk-tuk ride from the actual temple. If you don’t already have your ticket to head straight to the temple then you will the will miss out.

2.Next step is to organise your tuk-tuk driver for the next day. Most likely the tuk-tuk driver that took you to buy your pass will already be sizing you up for tomorrow. Organise to be picked up at 4:30 depending on where in Siem Reap you are staying and be taken straight to the Angkor Wat. They will also wait around for you and drive you to the next temple afterwards and so forth for the day. Read more about a a day at the Angkor Wat temples here!

3.Make sure your camera is charged and you have plenty of space on your memory card and get a good nights sleep.

The Morning Of The Sunrise

  1. 4am….. bight eyed and bushy tailed ready for an incredible Angkor Wat Sunrise! Or if you’re a backpacker hopefully close to sober from last night at pub street. (Seriously guys, get some sleep before temple day). You’ll need good walking shoes and light clothes that cover your shoulders and knees on if your also planning to spend the day at the temples. You’ll want to make sure you have all the necessities in your bag for the full day ahead.
    • Camera & memory card (and any other camera gear)
    • Water bottle
    • Hat and raincoat (weather dependent)
    • Sunscreen
    • Breakfast/Snacks or money to buy food
    • Temple pass
    • Insect repellent

Meet your tuk-tuk driver and get on on your way.

2. When you get to the Angkor Wat you will need to cross the bridge over the moat. Once inside you will see people milling around the two ponds out the front of the temple. The pond on the left as you enter is the one you want. This is where the reflection photos your probably been wander lusting over are taken from. Get yourself set up and get ready to snap that perfect, ista-worthy shot!

Tip: Check sunrise times online as they will vary throughout the year and make sure you allow yourself enough time to get there before the suns tarts to rise to score a good spot – it will get busy!

For more info on visiting the Angkor Wat click here!

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