Langkawi Cable Car & Oriental Village, Langkawi: A quick guide

The sun was playing hide-and-seek with us the morning we visited the Langkawi Cable Car & Oriental Village . It had been drizzling. The clouds were scattered over the lush jungles of Langkawi Island. Not ones to let a little bit of wet weather stop us we rode our bikes down from Berjaya Resort ready for an adventure.

The SkyCab

One of the top attraction in Langkawi, Malaysia is the Panorama Langkawi SkyCab. The SkyCab is the worlds steepest cable car ride. Its 2.2kms long and take approx 15 minutes to get to the top. I hesitated before jumping onto the cable car. It doesn’t stop for you to get on so you have to jump on while it’s on the move. Not the easiest task for someone as dysfunctional as myself!

Cable Car Ride

After my minor panic attack, I sat down and let my eyes take everything in. The early morning raindrops had blurred the glass walls of the gondola but the beauty of the thick greenery below shone through. Two glorious waterfalls were easily visible from the top. The first was a tall, narrow cascade. The other was the Seven Wells Waterfall, named such for the seven pools that break the flow of the splashing water.

Seven Wells Waterfall

It is seriously one of the most spectacular cable car rides I have ever experienced. The steepest part is experienced towards the top of the first of two stations. At the top station you can visit the incredible Sky Bridge. Even though it was a cloudy day the views were still spectacular. From there we headed up to the top platform, where there views from the observation decks gave you a 360 view of the island, before heading to the sky bridge.

The SkyBridge

Measuring at 125m in length, the structure ranks among the world’s longest curve suspension bridge. Walking along the bridge is daunting but a must do when visiting Langkawi. The incredible views continued as we walk approached the end of the observation deck.

Mum and I enjoying the view

Oriental Village

Once we arrived back at on solid ground we explored the other things were on offer including the SkyDome and 3D Art Museum.

Oriental Village

I loved the 3D Art museum the most. We could pose in scenes to great really cool optical illusions. We also stopped and sipped on fresh coconuts to cool off in the summer heat. Is it just me that is obsessed with fresh coconuts in Asia?

Attempting to be Pandas

Entrance Fee’s

We purchased the Glass Bottom Gondola ticket. It was RM105.00per person and we found it to be good value as:

  • We didn’t have to share our gondola as no one else was buying tickets for the glass bottom cabs
  • It’s inclusive of Express Lane privilege
  • It’s inclusive of entrance to SkyDome, SkyRex & 3D Art Langkawi


I highly recommend getting the glass bottom gondola if your budget allows to skip the queues and to get a better appreciation of the jungle the cable car passes over.

Where did you guys experience your most spectacular Cable Car Ride?

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2 thoughts on “Langkawi Cable Car & Oriental Village, Langkawi: A quick guide

  1. I can only remember otwo cable cars that I have ever been on:
    1. the cable and car at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney (yes, that’s probably the only 1). It was a great experience that we experienced with relatives visiting from over seas., and
    2. the cable car at Kuranda just north of cairns when we were living there some years ago.

    As an Architect I really love the Sky bridge as a final destination that had as part of your Langkawi experience. Really exceptional!

    1. I did both those as a kid but would love to do them again now as an adult. I will have to pick your brain about the blue mountains and cairns! I would love to visit both of those places again. I have been to cairns to go to Port Douglas but missed the cable car ride!

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