Why Singapore’s Zoo’s Are The Best In The World

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Zoo’s some people love them. Some people hate them. If you fall into the latter category then this post isn’t for you.

But if you are like me and love them then you are in the right place. Singapore has 4 different zoo’s ready for you to explore. Its Pandamodium. If you are an animal lover and have a few days in Singapore I recommend checking out some or all of the below!

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo has been known for having the most beautiful wildlife park setting in the world, where animals roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats. It is also a Learning Zoo – where guests experience involves understanding the animals at a deeper level through well-designed and interactive educational displays. The main focus is on interaction where you can walk through many exhibits where animal roam freely. Monkeys roam around the zoo, as do the orangutans who have playgrounds built in to the tree tops above you as you explore.

Breakfast with the Orang Utans
Breakfast with the Orang Utans

As a result of their extensive wildlife research programmes and collaborative efforts with the global community, the Singapore Zoo has been taking important strides in furthering their key goal to preserve biodiversity. Guided by their wildlife conservation policy, our successful animal breeding programme continues to see numerous significant births of endangered animals year after year. My favourite part of the zoo was the Elephants with their Mahouts. Don’t miss it!

Night Safari

If you can’t bear the heat of the day then check out the Night Safari. The Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. The star of the Night Safari experience is a guided tram ride that takes you across 6 geographical zones of the world. From the rugged Himalayan Foothills to the swampy banks of the Asian Riverine Forest and more, your tram guide will share fascinating facts and tales about the animals and habitats along your journey. There is also some awesome walking trails to get even closer to the animals. We did these first as the cue for the tram was massive when the safari first opened.

Night Safari Entrance
Night Safari Entrance

No visit is complete without enjoying their famous performances filled with humour, thrill and surprises. Catch the talented troupe of tribal warriors as they thrill you with their fiery stunts and the Creatures of the Night show. A visit to the Night Safari is definitely not irrelephant.

River Safari

If someone tells you the River Safari isn’t worth visiting, don’t listen to them. They’re Lion. River Safari is the newest addition to Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s portfolio of award-winning parks. Nestled between two of Singapore’s award-winning wildlife parks – Singapore Zoo and Night Safari – River Safari offers an unforgettable adventure inspired by the world’s most iconic rivers.

Panda at the River Safari
Panda at the River Safari

If you finish at the zoo and are waiting for the Night Safari to open, stop in for a visit. Take a leisurely stroll and meander through the park on an exploratory river adventure of the Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mekong and Yangtze rivers. The River Safari is also home to the Giant Panda Forest, Squirrel Monkey Forest and the enchanting Amazon Flooded Forest.

feeding a Manatee
Feeding a Manatee

Jurong Bird Park

A zoo just for birds? I wouldn’t believe you if you told me that there was enough birds in the world for a whole zoo. But I am wrong. I especially loved the Jurong Bird Park. I have actually been 3 times in my life! Jurong Bird Park is one of the most renowned bird sanctuaries with some of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world in habitats that mirror their naturalistic environments.

Jurong Bird Park is home to the colours of the world, as Asia’s largest bird park with a collection of more than 5,000 birds across 400 species. Hike into the wondrous and largest walk-in aviary, the Waterfall Avery that houses over 600 birds as well as a 30-metre high waterfall. As these small birds flutter freely around the surroundings of over 100 plant species, enjoy close encounters with these birds during daily feeding sessions.

Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park


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So what did I think? I loved these 4 zoo’s. There were truly the most spectacular zoo’s I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been to a few great ones around the world. Highly recommend if you have a few days in Singapore. If you only have time for one I recommend the Singapore Zoo to see the biggest range of animals.

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